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Bridge courses are a tool to help students succeed in their graduate and post graduate level studies. Learners who haven't completed the foundation level course and are a deficit of 120 ECTS can do the program from Perigrine Academic Services(PAS). The course requires a successful completion of 15 Pre test and 15 post test modules.

We at GBS offer this course to enable a certain category of learners without a bachelor’s degree qualification to pursue our MBA program. This category is exempted with respect to various considerations related to work experience and career achievements. The Bridge Course, rigorous and intensive in nature, is composed of 15 Academic leveling modules which are examined after completion of each module. The Intensity is furthered by two levels of examination which are the pre-test and the post-test. Moreover, the learner needs a minimum score of 75% for each module to pass, with a single chance to retake any failed ones.

This bridge course is offered under the American learning system by the Peregrine Academic services and upholds integrity and quality of its examinations. The duration for this course is between 4-7 months and should be completed prior to commencing of the BBA and MBA program. Upon completion, it effectively levels the knowledge gap of non-bachelor holders.

How do we Enroll?

The first step is an application by filling the forms provided by the university upon registration. Once the eligibility is checked and verified by the Academic Affairs department, the learner has to pay the fee which is AED3000. Subsequently, the link for this Bridge Course will be sent via email to the learner. It is important to note that these modules will be taken online and no classroom setting is arranged by our Institution.

After successful completion, the Bridge Course Certificate is downloaded from the site and presented to the university to enable the learner to begin our MBA program.