Top 4 Benefits of Joining a Start-up Immediately after an MBA

Top 4 Benefits of Joining a Start-up Immediately after an MBA
Joining a start-up is the new trend for MBA graduates for accomplishing their career goals. How does it contribute to their success?

It is a typical dream of MBA graduates to have a powerful position at big corporations. Big corporations were always the first choice because it provides financial stability to its employees. It also has clear policies and procedures that help employees perform and know where they are standing and where they are heading to.

Unlike big corporations, startups face lots of challenges and uncertainty that force them to continuously adjust (add, remove, and amend) their policies and procedures as a response to market requirements and reach best practices in order to survive and succeed.

Recently, the market started noticing a radical change in MBA graduates directions where they started joining startups immediately after MBA instead of going for big corporations. But what are the benefits they get from joining a small business which just started! Below are four benefits for joining start-up immediately after MBA:


If you value recognition over money, the startup is the best choice for you. Usually, startups include few employees who participate in its success, unlike big corporations that have thousands of employees where your efforts might not be noticed. At startups, your ideas and efforts that led to success are recognized.


I think this reason is the best for all where MBA graduates are free to make decisions on performance, parameters, and KPIs. At big corporations everything has been already set even if you have better ideas, it might be neglected. Make sure that the startup owner appreciates its employees’ efforts, so your good decisions are recognized.


Startups usually have few employees which will force you to do multiple roles in finance, sales, marketing, or management. You have to be ready for all surprises and challenges because you have no choice but to perform and keep the company successful. This environment will expose you to new learning opportunities which add value to your CV.


Because you are doing multi-tasking, you will get to meet new people (suppliers, investors, partners, IT supporters and other business owners). You might meet those people through official meetings, conference, or someone from your network has introduced them to you.  Those people can play the main role in the success of the startup or even your career journey as a whole, so you have to know how to manage your networking.

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