MBA in Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Why Choose MBA at Lincoln University of Business and Management?

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

MBA in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management program provides students with an in-depth insight into logistics and supply chain management. A vital component of today’s business environment where globalization has led to supply chains becoming more complex.

Supply Chain Management

As companies seek to tackle these complexities, while at the same time improving service levels and minimizing costs, this generates an increasing demand from manufacturers, retailers, logistics service providers and other sectors for personnel with qualifications in this field. Until a few years ago, logistics was rarely discussed in large corporations. Today, however, effective logistics and supply chain has gained immense prominence in corporate boardrooms. In today’s complex world, getting products and services to the right places, at the right time is a key determinant of organizational competitiveness. Companies depend heavily on effective and efficient logistics and supply chain processes to make their products and services available to customers. It is hence, not surprising that a career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a popular choice among well-qualified MBA graduates.

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Degree Information

  • Degree awarded by the Faculty of Business
  • 18 units to complete followed by Master Thesis
  • Full-time qualification, not an online degree
  • Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning on the basis of progressive work experience

Awarding Institution

Career Options

  • supply chain design and planning
  • distribution network design and planning
  • Inventory manager
  • Consultant
  • Logistics engineer
  • International logistics manager
  • Supply-chain manager
  • Supply chain analyst

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor degree or equivalent along with transcript in English
  • One recent colour passport photograph
  • Photocopy of valid passport / permit
  • Latest C.V and fluency in English is a must
  • Motivation letter providing reasons for wishing to study in the desired program at GBS.
  • Mandatory academic leveling course from Peregrine Academic Services (PAS)- USA for special learners.
  • A Learning, professional and openness to change attitude is a prerequisite.

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