About Qualifi

Lincoln University of Business and Management collaborated with QUALIFI institution which is the UK regulated awarding organization that provides qualification certificates in Business and Management besides other different specializations like Health and Social Care, Cyber Security, Coaching and Teaching, Swimming and Aquatics, Culinary Cuisine, etc.

Qualifi certificates are internationally recognized by employers and known with the quality of its delivered materials. Its certificates are accredited and accepted by many UK regulators such as OFQUAL, QiW, and CCEA institutions in order to ensure the quality of education and whether it meets the accepted UK criteria and standards or not. Qualifi certificates are specially designed for working professionals in order to help them gain required work field skills and knowledge that matches market’s needs.

With the collaboration, LUBM provides Business and Management specialized courses which are Level 4 and Level 5 Qualifi qualifications. Firstly, Qualifi Level 4 is a certificate in business Management that includes 120 credit hours for four months’ duration. The certificate opens the doors for the learner to pursue their academic journey to the next level 5, other diploma or second/ third year at UK Universities. Secondly, Qualifi Level 5 is a Diploma in Business Management that includes 240 credit hours with six months’ duration. The certificate qualify learner to enroll at universities directly to final year at UK Universities.

Both, level 4 and 5 are available in blended learning mode where learners can attend courses on-site or online as per their convenience. The course is delivered in forms of lectures, online tutorials, seminars, and workshops.

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