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Too Busy to Pursue Project Management Certification? Get it Online

As the business arena is getting more and more competitive, the need for qualified employees is increasing. MBA is always a gate for many managers and employees involved in the decision-making process to get a superior competitive advantage among competitors. It also gives the opportunity for employees to concentrate on their main role through the diverse concentrations provided. Project Management is one of the most demanding qualifications that employers seek in candidates because of its importance in leading projects progress in every phase in order to ensure goals achievements on required time with respect to cost. If you are a full-time employee and looking for career development, this blog will guide you in getting an Project Management Certification Online.

Project Management

Projects are different than normal operations in companies because it is a set of activities designed to achieve a specific goal within a limited time. In other words, Projects has a beginning and ending time. Therefore, Project Management is very important to coordinate and monitor every phase starting from initiating, planning, executing, monitoring to closing the project. It can be complicated and critical as a project manager should pay attention to all time, quality, resources, cost, procurement, and risks and safety issues.

Project Management Certification Online

MBA in Project Management Program is designed to prepare or enhance individuals to utilize their knowledge, skills, and managerial tools and techniques in conducting project activities in order to meet projects’ goal on the deadline. Lincoln University Business and Management (LUBM) provides accredited MBA in Project Management Program. The program is specially designed for working professionals who want to support their career but don’t have enough time. The program is fixable as it is given online to suit professionals’ schedules. It enables them to attend classes whenever they are free.

The program is accredited by IACBE, AASBI and EDUQUA as LUBM is associating with Geneva Business School (GBS). It is Accredited by three principal accreditation (IACBE, AASBI and EDUQUA). The program includes total sixteen modules with the structure of foundation modules, core modules, and concentration modules. Concentration modules are related to Project Risk Management, Contract and Procurement Management, Project Cost and Schedule Control and Leadership for Project Management. The duration of the program is exactly twelve months.

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