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Geneva Business School (GBS), Switzerland

GBS is our first associate university to provide us their campus status. We promote the university's MBA program in an accelerated format suitable to taste of local learners. The program credits and accreditation requirements are maintained as prescribed by the school. The program quality, delivery, faculty, and assessments are jointly managed by GBS and LUBM as per agreement. GBS team regularly visits the UAE campus for quality assurance purposes.

The Geneva Business School is a piece of a built-up gathering of learning foundations which incorporate probably the most famous and dynamic schools in Switzerland, for example, St. George's School in Clarens, the nation's first English school built up in 1927.

In 1995, IFGB (Institut de Formation en Gesion du Patrimoine) was built up to give directions to chiefly nearby Swiss private financiers. As requests for worldwide saving money and back outpaced the neighborhood requests, University of Finance was made in 2001 to give training in global managing an account and fund. As GBS' vital situating moved, the name was changed in 2010 to Geneva Business Schools(GBS) to underline the significance of our area, strength, and specificity.