MBA in Supply Chain Management (SCM)

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Give a boost to your career with the MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management offered by Lincoln University of Business and Management. The MBA course is considered as one of the most highly demanded ones by businesses across the globe that deal with logistics on an everyday basis.

Management students for this course get an expert understanding of supply chain management, operations and logistics through a combination of faculty lectures, extensive research, and guest visits. We have developed the program by using insights from leading industrialists and management gurus. It is because of this, that the MBA in Supply Chain Management program helps management students form a deep understanding of the globalized supply chain system, which has now become a crucial part of a majority of enterprises as well as SMBs.


The supply chain and logistics course revolves around the principles of strategic procurement, manufacturing strategy, and demand fulfilment, so that the management students are able to apply their knowledge at a global scale. Our program shifts the attention from focus to demand focused, which enables the students to help the company stay ahead in the competition.

Graduating from the MBA course empowers our management students with the:

  • Ability to leverage a supply strategy for procurement and delivery of products
  • Understanding of relation between manufacturing, inventory, and location related to different facets of the supply chain including customers, manufacturer, and the company
  • Means to customize planning decisions including aggregate planning and forecasting according to the geographical area
  • Skills to deal with managerial issues and develop a demand-fulfilment process specific to the product and company.
  • Knowledge of data analytics and utilize it for a better analysis of available company data for saving money and time involved in supply chain management
  • Understanding of risk management, newest technology applications, and environmental and social responsibility of the company and developing strategies and tactics accordingly
  • Ability to select vendors, engage in designing and redesigning of products and services, and product management
  • Methods to minimize production, labour, and raw materials, which increases the company’s net profit


Supply chain management courses have become popular over the years because businesses have understood that it is not anymore limited to large corporations. In the past few years, we have seen many students take up the course because of bright job prospects but to do justice to it, they need to first understand business expectations. The field of supply chain management is uncertain as it is greatly influenced by the weather.

Managers need to be prompt and come up with creative solutions to ensure that the delivery takes place according to the schedule. At Lincoln University of Business and Management, students are taught to handle such complex situations without feeling stressed by developing analytical skills. When students take up the managerial role they are required to train their subordinates to handle their management procedures to ensure a smooth process.


Supply chain managers are required to go beyond the course teachings as they will be handling international business. We teach our students accepted cultural norms and ways to interact with potential business clients living in foreign countries. It acts as a great instrument in impressing them and boosting business revenue.

For the very same reason, we conduct two case studies in contract and procurement management and project cost and schedule control during the program to give the students a clear idea about the supply chain management and logistics industry. Many of our students are employed in specific jobs like route managers and warehouse organizers, which confirms that the industry is widespread and offers a wide range of job opportunities. Through our courses on human resource management and strategic management, we prepare our students to engage in continuous planning and assessment of organization goals and objectives. HR management is crucial since various levels and types of individuals are involved in the supply chain process and the students should maintain coordination for a smooth process.


All students who have graduated from our MBA programs are currently involved in multinational companies all over the world. After graduating from our supply chain management course, the students can work as division demand managers, transportation supervisors, inventory planning managers /auditors, and area logistics managers.

The career opportunities are unlimited as our students have also found store manager, purchase/ procurement manager, dispatch supervisor, and stock control officer jobs and are doing an amazing job.

Lincoln University of Business and Management offers several MBA degree online courses developed specifically for those who want to expand career opportunities overseas.


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