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An enriching program offered by the Lincoln University of Business and Management, MBA in Quality Management helps students get a thorough understanding of the quality management process that is followed in industries across the world. The MBA course prepares students to meet the middle as well as top level management job vacancies at private and public sector companies. These positions are mostly involved in major decision analysis and solving business complications using a management perspective.

We develop leaders who will take upon the global economy and ensure total quality management. It is our primary goal to teach management students the best international standards and management practices by utilizing a combination of in-class lectures, guest lectures, case studies, projects, and internship. Our course includes a special information technology class so that students engage in online business responsibilities and practices by using powerful software.


Our curriculum includes teaching the students about principles of total quality management, use of tools and techniques for quality improvement, and legal knowledge. They also learn about global consumer protection, which is very crucial for the maintenance of organizational management practices. After getting their MBA in Quality Management from Lincoln University of Business and Management, the students will be experts in:

  • Analysing the organization’s position in the market and developing a sustainable strategy for quality management
  • Handling legal and ethical decisions professionally and solving any type of quality problems that might be hindering the company’s long-term success
  • Understanding and analysing needs and grievances of clients and coming up with suitable solutions
  • Identifying and resolving management issues that reduce efficiency and effectivity of employees and business operations
  • Ensuring the quality of products and services offered by the company is of optimal standards according to the consumer needs
  • Enforcing strict compliance to quality throughout the organization and appointing regulators to ensure all regulations are being followed
  • Ensuring that the company’s products and services are ahead of the competition in the market and continually improving them to attract a larger target audience
  • Leadership and management skills and become an added asset to the business organization
  • Developing a total quality management protocol for all process of the company
  • Using qualitative and quantitative research methods to identify market requirements and interpret them to the company’s benefit
  • Identifying performance indicators and implementing them to reach the company’s objectives and goals

All of our MBA programs are designed to help develop and evolve practical skills among students that can in turn help them achieve maximum excellence in a globalized work environment.


Our masters in Quality Management online focuses on case studies as we have found that students learn better when they understand the difference between a faulty and good protocol using examples. All our quality management courses ensure that students take the most with them when the graduate. We have two case study modules, which include quality assurance and audit and contract and procurement.

Students are taught ways they can use to ensure that optimum quality is maintained all times right from agreeing to the terms to acquiring the raw materials. To finish the last semester, the students have to present a master’s thesis, which gives the students as well as the faculty members about what they have learned throughout the course. We consider it as a final preparatory step before the students start their careers in total quality management. Our syllabus also includes other management-related classes like corporate social responsibility, leadership in organizations, and quality management systems.


Students who have passed from the program are currently working in construction firms, research institutions, security agencies, and at banks.

After graduating from the Master’s in Quality Management online course, students can get several job prospects as a quality leader, quality engineer, quality supervisor, quality surveyor, and quality assurance manager. They hold a key position and play a pivotal role in ensuring that all local, national, and international regulation regarding the quality of products and services are met.

If you get a job as a quality control executive, it is your responsibility to improve company procedures, services, and products as required and handle an entire production department. Your duty includes delegating tasks to your juniors and ensure that they are completed before the deadlines. Many of students are currently employed as quality assurance officers and quality control inspectors at leading production companies in the world.

If you’d like to study from the comfort of your city and house, you can take a look at the MBA degree online courses offered at Lincoln University of Business and Management.


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