MBA in Marketing Management

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The MBA course offered in Marketing Management by Lincoln University of Business and Management teaches marketing students about every crucial aspect of the vast industry including strategic marketing management, market research, digital media marketing, marketing analytics, promotions, and brand management, and much more. Students are taught the basic and innovative concepts of marketing and how to correctly apply them as it.

All modules are delivered through a combination of classroom and guest lectures, hands-on projects, case discussions, presentations and exercises so that students can develop an all-rounded and extensive knowledge of the course. Our MBA in International Marketing is carefully designed to put marketing students at par with the fast-moving local and international industry trends.


The faculty at Lincoln University of Business and Management ensures that every student learns in detail about every aspect of marketing and develop exceptional marketing skills. The marketing graduates from Lincoln University of Business and Management are experts in:

  • Creating and executing an innovative marketing plan to boost business revenue
  • Understanding multicultural and ethical aspects of different regions of the global market
  • Analysing international marketing trends and applying research findings to develop marketing strategies
  • Engaging in data analytics and reputation management to update the marketing operations of multinational companies
  • Conducting market research to develop customer-centric products and services
  • Practical understanding of pricing models, marketing communications, and branding in relation to the international market
  • Developing methods to collect market data that can be used to construct marketing and promotion techniques
  • Interpreting customer experiences and evaluating the effects of the marketing plan
  • Handling marketing campaigns for existing clients and ensuring the needs are met duly

To graduate from the program, students enrolled in the program will have to complete a minimum of 90 credit hours (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) and achieve minimum CGPA of 4.50


The MBA in Marketing Management program offered by Lincoln University of Business and Management turns students in jack of all trades. They are taught about quality management, which helps them to always stay at the top of their game. They also learn in-detail about effective project management that enables them to handle multiple projects at the same without compromising attention of a particular one.

International business law is an important module of our MBA course as updates students with the latest law and regulations so that they are well aware of what is accepted or not in particular companies. It makes them culturally and legally aware of business practices. The research methodology and strategic management classes help them in efficient research and development methods and execution of their data.


A marketing manager should be able to communicate effectively with colleagues and people outside the organization. We have focused most of our modules on business communication so that students learn how to interact in different situations. Our organizational behaviour and change management, corporate social responsibility, and operations management for marketing modules help us achieve the goal.

At the end of the second semester, students work on a thesis during which they are required to use all the knowledge they gained over the course of the program. It gives them practical information and prepares them for the business world. They also have to participate in two case studies that give them extended knowledge about managerial economics and business strategy & consumer behaviour.


With the knowledge that marketing students earn from our MBA course, they are completely equipped to take their career to new heights in global fields like retail, advertising, hospitality and tourism, education, IT, FMCG & food, and healthcare.

Graduating from this MBA marketing program will give students the opportunity at different positions of global enterprises which include marketing analyst, marketing manager, market research assistant, content strategist and manager, and account manager and executive. Many students are also working as brand managers and involved in the creation and execution of marketing plans for the entire organization. Some of our students have furthered their passion for teaching and are currently working at some of the best management institutes across the globe. The job possibilities with this MBA course are unlimited and has proved its worth as a career-enhancing program.

Throughout your MBA, you will be able to develop a strong foundation in business and nurture specialised knowledge in marketing. When you graduate, you will be a skilled marketer with exceptional business skills, and amazing career options that will transform the way you think about yourself and the world.

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