MBA in International Management

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At Lincoln University of Business and Management, we focus on making our students understand the true importance of international management, which is a key factor in turning a business into a major success. Through a combination of lectures, case discussions, simulations, executive presentations, hands-on projects and training, our MBA course introduces various aspects of the management function to students in a concentrated manner, so that they are well aware of the ever changing corporate culture.


The MBA course at Lincoln University of Business and Management is an innovative cross-disciplinary and data-driven program that equips students with the knowledge of strategic management, international commercial management, and comparative management along with international business negotiations, marketing, and finance.

By the end of the program, students will be able to:

  • Recognize the needs of multinational companies and develop marketing strategies to expand their outreach to new countries
  • Analyse critical and complicated international matters regarding company products and services as well as the development of effective solutions
  • Utilize management tools and advanced international technologies for economic analysis and identify global business opportunities
  • Create skill set for sales negotiation customized to fulfill international business needs
  • Handle tax consequences of operations undertaken by the international company
  • Understand intercultural differences and develop agreements and operations that are ethically appropriate

Each student needs to complete a Master’s thesis as a part of the MBA in International Management program to increase their employability. The thesis defines the student’s capabilities and their understanding of the subjects.


Our MBA in International Management course offers the best study materials and technologically advanced education facilities to our students so that they are able to grow and prosper after they graduate. During the program, the students learn to critically evaluate their business responsibility and their role in an organization. At Lincoln University of Business and Management, we strive to help our students develop concepts that are aimed at solving realistic global problems.

We have an online portal where students can find all study material they require to study, which they can access using their university student ID. They also have complete access to resources available in the library, the printer, and the photocopy machine available on the campus. The students can connect their laptop, mobile phone, and tablet to the university’s free WiFi connection to download study resources.


As a part of the global business world, we ensure that students are aware of their corporate social responsibility. The MBA program includes an entire course dedicated to the subject where students learn how to generate and handle responsibilities that help in making the society more efficient and safe. The students will learn ways to use corporate social responsibility to enhance brand image, improve financial performance, increase customer loyalty, and boost organizational growth.

Since the MBA course is all about international management, we train the students to under cultural diversity and how it affects trade, production, finance, and economic trends globally. It is an essential skill that they need to develop in order to analyze and solve problems, communicate efficiently, and manage valuable information.

We have designed the MBA course in such a way that it equips students with the required knowledge to start their own international business in the future.


UAE is a melting pot of different cultures from all around the world. This gives the students the opportunity to work with businesses that deal internationally on a daily basis. Graduating from the MBA course will empower you with the knowledge and expertise to work in a variety of industries including retail, advertising, FMCG, hospitality and tourism, healthcare and pharmacy, semi-government & government, engineering & IT, printing, promotion & event and education.

Our graduates of the MBA course in International Management will get the opportunity to pursue a professional career as a management consultant, investment banker, administrative service manager, financial advisor, operations management, and even a management analyst. After garnering a few years of experience, they also stand a great chance at becoming the chief executive officer of an international organization, where they will take decisions related to day-to-day management of the business and act as a point of contact between the board and the different levels of management.

We assure you that Lincoln University of Business and Management will set you on a path to achieve your career goals effortlessly. The university offers several other excellent MBA programs and online MBA courses that are designed to meet international business requirements of today.


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