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A program tailored for enhancing careers in the finance industry, the MBA in Banking and Finance at Lincoln University of Business and Management helps students get in-depth professional and technical skills required to succeed in the industry.

Using these skills, the students can excel in facing challenges of financial management in banks and financial institutions. Our MBA course also allows students to understand shareholder value creation, and managerial as well as financial decision-making strategies. Students enrolled in the MBA in Finance course are taught through a systematic combination of classroom lectures, workshops, guest lectures, and case studies. Our dynamic approach towards the syllabus will help students to learn the effective application of theories and principles of international banking and finance.


We teach in small groups so that the students are effectively able to develop interpersonal communication, problem-solving, and data collection skills. The students will also learn technical skills in multiple finance-related areas including venture capital finance, liability management, strategic management, international banking, and financial markets.

Even though the program focuses on global banking and finance, students will be taught about human resource management, quality management, international business law, effective project management, principles of finance, and research methodology. They will also learn about foreign market analysis, e-business principles, marketing of services, and business communication.

As a part of the Master’s degree in Finance programs, the university hosts career development workshops, so that the students can have even better interactions with specialized professionals and raise any doubts that they may have. It is to foster strong strategic thinking skills in the students, which they can readily use in the business world. By the end of the MBA course, students will be equipped with the skills to:

  • Understand and analyse risk management in the banking and finance industry
  • Acquire general knowledge of human resource management and organisational behaviour
  • Analyse market conditions for research and development in management sciences to improve methodological approaches
  • Evaluate and implement financial liberalisation policy and its impact on markets from around the world
  • Provide administrative support to accountants and plan work schedules for them
  • Offer technical solutions to improve sales revenue and productivity of employees at work
  • Maintain the organization’s asset ledgers, employee and business performance, and budgeting
  • Interpret newspaper data, articles, and technical journals related to global banking and finance
  • Prepare business plan required to start a company


We conduct two case studies during the master’s degree in finance, which includes mergers and acquisitions and international financial management. Students are divided into groups. They use the information and research methodologies available to record and analyse data. Each them presents their case study and everyone else benefits from them. Students learn the best when they are taught using practical applications. They also have to submit a master’s thesis, which can be related to any global banking and finance topics.


Several of our students are employed at the best banking and finance organizations offering their best knowledge. They mostly find middle to top-level position jobs, where their primary role is to overlook their department’s activities and ensure transparency. Passing from the online finance degree gives students the opportunity to find employment as investment assistants, business analysts, investment bankers, accounts assistants, and market analysts.

As a business analyst, they are responsible for providing technical solutions to problems, analysing and signing documents to fulfil company requirements, and promoting business sales strategies. Students also find employment as financial managers, a profession which requires them to prepare and review financial reports, prepare activity reports, monitor the company’s bank accounts, and improve profit margins of the organization.

Some of our students hold corporate finance positions in non-finance organizations. You can also apply for doctorate studies in the same field after the post-graduation. Students who go for it mostly work as researchers or as professors at esteemed universities across the globe.

Lincoln University of Business and Management offers a variety of MBA programs that offer wonderful career enhancing opportunities.


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