MBA in Educational Leadership

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MBA in Educational Leadership is a management program by Lincoln University of Business and Management designed for experienced teachers, managers, junior professors, and departmental heads who want to stay ahead in the competitive field of education. The MBA course helps management students develop strong business, organizational, leadership, and management skills to enhance their careers. Special attention is given to understanding challenges faced by educational sectors across the globe.

The Masters in Educational Leadership program teaches students through a mixture of class lectures, presentation, lectures by guest speakers and industry experts, and case studies. As a holder of a masters degree in educational leadership, you are bestowed with the responsibility of molding young minds into world leaders and encouraging them to achieve the impossible.


The program is all about strategizing educational changes that assists the institution towards organizational success. Our MBA course concentrates on the principles of Business Planning, Human Resources Management, Foreign Market Analysis, and Organizational Behaviour & Change Management, so that as the program ends, the students will be all ready to take leadership roles in their respective organizations. The modules are customized to fit requirements of the education industry.

A great amount of emphasis is given to interactive learning and its application in the practical world. As a part of the educational leadership degree, they will be trained to:

  • Conduct research to develop new way of performing daily operations that makes the organization more productive and sustainable
  • Develop strong understanding of strategic planning and apply it to improve existing processes of the organization
  • Evaluate risks and challenges within an educational institute to assess business plans on a regular basis
  • Develop new marketing techniques that are relevant to the private, public, and not-for-profit economic sectors
  • Create a personal policy to tackle sudden challenges faced during difficult professional situations through data collection and research analysis
  • Supervise all levels of operation in the organization and ensure that the practices are executed as they were planned
  • Participate in national and international debates surrounding the future of education and importance of personalised learning


During the MBA programs, students learn skills that will transform them into excellent educator. The Leadership Skills for Education Management module equips them with skills to find creative solutions for a wide range of problems. They will also get a lot of knowledge about Organisational Behaviour & Change Management, Organisational Training & Development, and Global Ethics.

We also have a special module called Instruction, Curriculum, & Assessment that will assist them to develop flexible knowledge, self-motivation skills, creative and strategic problem-solving, and cooperative learning skills. They can use it to modify teaching and assessment methods to make them student-centric and encourage learning. It also aims at simplifying complex assessment methods and converting from information-based to performance-based.

At the end of the program, students have to submit a master’s thesis on any education management-related topic of their choice. It is a reflection into the knowledge they have learned over the past two years.


Apart from enhancing their careers, students will develop a strong knowledge of innovative practices of the educational industry. It will help them provide networking opportunities to teaching communities. The MBA course also assists the MBA graduates to assist other students find organizational base for their studies and studies. After graduating from the program, the students will find employment as district administrators, principal or assistant principal, dean of students or faculty, instructional coordinator, and college provost.

Lincoln University of Business and Management offers several other MBA courses designed to keep pace with rapidly growing industries around the world.


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