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We believe that learning and research should have a positive impact, informing good decisions and transforming business and management practice. We aim to equip leaders to navigate conflicting priorities, deal with uncertainty and make ethical choices – to the benefit of individuals, enterprises, and communities. The structure of the MBA programs is designed to give students the best in industry exposure and a nurturing classroom environment, to help them become the leaders of tomorrow, in the specialization of their choice.

Weekend and Online MBA programs

Lincoln University of Business and Management is a pioneering institution, the only one off its kind to have most successful graduates than anyone in the country. With a choice of 8 unique specializations, our MBA programs provide students with opportunities to expand their horizons, professionally and academically. LUBM helps in growing the diverse culture. Apart from academic excellence, we also focus on equipping the students with the latest technical competencies used in the corporate world. The MBA Programs are delivered by our partner Geneva Business School, Switzerland and validated by several professional and quality assurance agencies.


Propel your career ahead

Our MBA Programs helps you move in the right direction. Acquire news skills and go deeper down the specialisation route with one of these majors.
  • MBA in International Management aims to impart students with the knowledge, skill sets and training required to work in international business environment.
  • In the world of globalization and liberalization, each business needs to extend itself in the International market since opportunities are vast all over the place.
  • In today’s relentless competition where organizations face tough challenges, they search to extend their market to guarantee sustainability and profitability, creating demand for out of box business procedures as well as right sort of individuals who comprehend international market and its different aspects.
  • MBA in Project & Operations Management program is designed to provide students with practical skills and theoretical concepts needed to lead complex projects.
  • Augmenting the core project management courses are concentrations that provide students with content-specific expertise—enabling them to deepen their knowledge in their field of interest.
  • Project & Operations Management is a unique program developed based on the knowledge related to quality management encompassing areas of Project, Operations & Quality Improvement Tools & Methods.
  • MBA in Quality Management aims to engage students on contemporary quality management issues, and give students the abilities and information expected to drive quality in their organization.
  • The conceptual and analytical skills developed in this program should enable learners to provide leadership and consulting on Quality Management best practices and methodologies.
  • To create a ‘’customer first and quality first’’ approach, the key is to clearly define quality parameters and enhance management processes, such as benchmarking and business process reengineering.
  • MBA in Health Care Management is increasingly becoming popular among healthcare professionals who want to enter the growing industry.
  • The Health Care Management major builds on the established strength of the management to provide expertise in the unique elements and issues of the healthcare industry.
  • Emphasis is laid on the need for healthcare administrators to be continuous learners, critical thinkers, and ethical practitioners by recognizing the multi-constructed nature of human, social, and organizational realities and the complex relationship between the system of health providers and the needs of the community.
  • MBA in Global Banking and Finance is designed to provide students with a strong base in applied financial management.
  • The curriculum will help in financial decision-making, provide a deep understanding of the financial aspects of the economy and the corporate world.
  • The program aims to disseminate relevant knowledge and provide skills to students such that they function effectively in the challenging environment of the Banking, Finance and Insurance sector.
  • MBA in Human Resource Management explores the concepts, processes and issues associated with today’s dynamic workforce management.
  • The program combines deep expertise in human resources with the knowledge required to be a strategic business partner. Through coursework in operations, finance, leadership and strategy, students learn the advanced human capital administration.
  • The MBA in Human Resource Management is designed for current and future leaders who desire the knowledge and skills to best leverage the human resources in an organization.
  • MBA in Educational Leadership Management will address the issues faced by educational management professionals, to respond to and support leadership and management development in the education sector.
  • The program intends to empower students to think about critical areas of innovation, experimental research, and quality administration that support the academic professionals.
  • In an increasingly competitive environment, the program will provide educational practitioners with a chance to create organizational, management and business skills as well as to enhance professional acumen.
  • MBA in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management provides students with an in-depth insight into logistics and supply chain management, a vital component of today’s business environment.
  • The program explores current practices, trends and issues in international logistics and supply chain system.
  • Learners are exposed to decision-making processes and management philosophies and techniques used by logistics professionals. The programme provides students with both operations management expertise and specialist knowledge of logistics and supply chain management.

Lincoln University of Business and Management MBA Programs delivered by Geneva Business School requires successful completion of 90 ECTS. The program is divided into groups of Core, Elective, Orientation and Master Thesis.

Quick Facts about MBA Programs

  • Duration: 14 to 16 months
  • Credits: 90 ECTS
  • Language: English
  • Intake: Rotational / Every Unit
  • Degree Awarded: MBA (Master of Business Administration)
  • Mode of delivery: Blended / SMART Learning

Career Options

The program is of particular relevance to those working in, or planning to work as:

  • General Manager
  • International Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Global Account Manager
  • Human Resource Manager


Selection Criteria

Our selection process seeks out great leadership potential, strong academic ability, charismatic personal qualities and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing business market. We are looking for candidates with experience, people skills, and a proven academic record.

MBA Requirements

  • Duly filled and signed an application form.
  • Bachelor degree or equivalent along with transcript in English.
  • One recent color passport photo.
  • Photocopy of valid passport/permit.
  • Updated resume / C.V
  • Motivation letter providing reasons for wishing to study in the desired program at our organization.
  • Mandatory entrance/bridge examination for special learners.
  • A learning, professional and openness to change attitude is a prerequisite.

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