Pearson Edexcel BTEC  (UK Diploma Course)

About Pearson BTEC

Lincoln University is also associating with Pearson company, the world’s leading learning company and the UK’s largest awarding body in order to provide accredit qualification for working professionals. Pearson is regulated by Ofqual (England), SQA Accreditation (Scotland), CCEA Accreditation (Northern Ireland) and Qualifications Wales (Wales). It provides a wide range of qualifications that are recognized globally and preferred by employers such as Edexcel, BTEC, EDI, and LCCI.
Lincoln University proudly provides Pearson BTEC qualification which is accepted in over 70 countries worldwide and enrolled million of learners. The qualification prepares individuals with the knowledge and skills for the work-place through series of activities and practices of real-life challenges and struggles. The qualification focuses on applying what was learn (theoretical) in real life through assessments that includes several tests and tasks based on real workplace scenarios. The assessment is held after each unit taken in order to get the maximum benefit of what was taught through each unit.
BTEC program covers different subjects like design, business, engineering, sport, art, and healthcare, but Lincoln University focuses on business and managerial courses. LUBM provides Level 5 and Level 7 of Edexcel BTEC.
Level 5 Edexcel BTEC is a Higher Nationals Diploma (HND) that prepares the learner for the business market with the privilege of having an affordable and accepted degree for employers. It provides academic knowledge associated with a practical experience that builds learners skills and knowledge. The program has 240 credit hours of 18 months duration. BTEC HND adds value as holders of the qualification can be enrolled at any UK university directly to the last year. LUBM provides the program through bending learning where learners can attend courses on-site or online as per their convenience.
On the other hand, Edexcel BTEC level 7 is an Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership for working professionals. The program is valuable as it qualified working professionals for facing market challenges and competition through developing their skills, competencies, knowledge, and techniques. Learners should complete 120 credit hours that consist of ten (10) strategic courses. There are no exams for assessment, only one or two assignments per unit are required and those assessments may be in different forms such as presentation, project, reports or practical tasks. Grading will not be in percentage but either “pass” or “fail”. LUBM provides the program through blended learning too.

Who are we?

Lincoln University of Business and Management (LUBM) is a higher education institution committed to imparting quality professional and academic qualification in the field of business, management and technology to the working adults in the Middle East and beyond.

Having trained over 2500 working adults across the Middle East, we aspire to improve lives of people across the community, from the multi-cultural environment through flexible, convenient and affordable higher education.

We embrace the latest technologies in the delivery of our courses, allowing us to create new opportunities for adult learners around the region to develop and enhance their skills.

Know your Qualification

Edexcel BTEC Level 7 – Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership is specially designed for working adults who aspire to be future business leaders. It can also open up new avenues and provide you with new skills required at workplace.

Course Credit Value

The total credits that you will earn upon successful completion of the course is 120.

Pathway / Progression

Students who successfully complete Edexcel BTEC Level 7 – Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership qualification can progress onto MBA Degree Program with York St. John University with up to120 credits exemption out of 180 credits.

What will you learn?

You will learn and develop a range of skills and techniques, personal qualities, and attitudes essential for successful performance in the management sector.

The course structure is as given below:

Edexcel BTEC Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership
Unit Unit title Credit Level
1 Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills 10 7
2 Professional Development for Strategic Managers 5 7
3 Strategic Change Management 10 7
4 Strategic Marketing Management 10 7
5 Strategic Human Resource Management 10 7
6 Strategic Quality and Systems Management 10 7
7 Managing Financial Principles and Techniques 15 7
8 Strategic Supply Chain Management and Logistics 15 7
9 Research Methods for Strategic Managers 15 7
10 Project Development and Implementation for Strategic Managers 20 7


There are NO Formal Exams!

Assessment of Pearson BTEC Professional Programmes is by assignment, typically one or two assignments per unit. These assignments will vary and include a mix of formal reports, projects, presentations and practical tasks.

All units will be individually graded as ‘pass’. To achieve the full extended diploma, you must pass all 10 units.


Blended learning. Delivery of a unit will be through a blend of lectures, online tutorials, seminars and workshops (if applicable).