Corporate Training

LUBM has a dedicated corporate training arm which provides corporate training, customized and tailor-made bespoke training programs. Our training programs focus on the specific areas of performance improvement and are directed to target the individual learning and development plans, thus ensuring the achievement of bottom-line results and drive improved value out of your training spend. Our training solutions go beyond typical classroom training but rather adopting robust modes of learning through e-learning, case study methods, workshops and seminars, management development, coaching, mentoring and peer reviews.

Our eminent faculty team and experienced trainers have accumulated years of collective experience among themselves. Their proven expertise in the fields of management and training has been gained by virtue of their working career with leading multinational firms and top notch global universities.

Enclosed Topics:

  • Effective Communication Skills.
  • Negotiation Skills to and develop a Win-Win situation.
  • Team Building.
  • Strategic Change Management.
  • Human Resource Management & Development.
  • Sales & Marketing Skills.
  • Finance Management and Accounting skills.
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management.
  • Project Management & Risk Assessment
  • Business Management & Decision Making.
  • Employee Engagement, Motivation & Morale.
  • Managing Stress Management at work and in personal life.
  • Time Management and how to manage time and work.
  • Leadership Skills.