Academic Leveling Course

Academic Leveling Courses

Lincoln University is associating with Peregrine Academic Services (PAS) from the USA, an internationally recognized and leading organization offered under the American learning system, which provides online assessment, higher education support, and educational services to higher education institutions and academic organizations. Lincoln University is specifically associating with PAS to provide educational service which is Academic Leveling Courses (ALC).

Academic Leveling Courses (ALC) are also called Bridge Courses, are courses designed to help students accomplish in both graduate and postgraduate level studies. If a student couldn’t complete his academic foundation level, he/she can take the courses of Peregrine Academic Services specifically ALC as it is equivalent to the credits that have been incomplete. It simply aims to fill the knowledge gap the non-bachelor’s degree holders. Courses can be customized to suit learners’ conditions. The Peregrine Academic Services is known with the credibility, integrity and high quality of its examination and evaluation of students’ academic level.  Academic Leveling Courses address the requirements of some accreditation institutions such as IACBE, AACSB, EFMD, AMBA, and ACBSPin order to ensure the quality of learning and it matches the internationally accepted standards.

Academic Leveling Courses

At Lincoln University, students who do not hold a bachelor degree and aim to get BBA or MBA, Academic Leveling Courses enables them to get equivalent credit hours in a short period of time that allows them to pursue their academic journey. Students enrolled in those courses are selected based on specific criteria related to work experience and achievements.

ALC is highly intensive and concentrated, including 15 academic leveling modules that last between 3 to 6 months. Courses are only provided online and no on-site classes arranged by Lincoln University. After the completion of each module, students will be examined to evaluate his/ her understanding of the concepts and principles exposed. Each module has two tests; pre-test and post-test and learner should score minimum 75% in total for each module. Learners have only one chance to retake the exam if they failed at the first time.